Monday, September 21, 2009

Light Blue Master Bedroom

Our bedroom is painted now, but we're waiting to get the new carpet in to post full "after" pics.  Here's a preview of the new color, which is "cake stand blue" by Martha Stewart (The brand is Valspar - we bought it at Lowe's):

We're not totally settled on accent colors yet.  Originally we planned to do light blues and greys with touches of silver and white to give the room a dreamy feeling.  There are a lot of other fun palettes out there though, to go with our light blue walls.  We like the idea of a reddish accent, like they've done here on this picture from HGTV

Or, maybe even a peachy orange color.  We strongly considered an orange and light blue color scheme for our wedding, so that could be fun to revisit for our new bedroom.  I think the flowers look beautiful in this light blue room from Martha Stewart:

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  1. I love them both, leaning a little toward the red--probably because of that little pillow.